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You Are Invited  You Are Invited…                                                $15.00 each
Menus for All Occasions
With Wine Suggestions

280 pages of fabulous menus with recipes and
wine suggestions for each meal.  Indexed.  2001.


160   Civil War Diary                                                     $6.00 each

by Samuel S. Weidler

    1 Co. C, 777th Regt.
    Pa. Vet. Vol.
February 25, 1864 – July 25, 1865
Presented by the Fairview Area Historical Society, 1991

Touring Fairview Township  Touring Fairview Township                                  $1.00 each

The booklet features two tours through Fairview
Township, each approximately 20 miles in length.
Updated from the 1976 edition in 1997 and 2015.

Those Were the Days  Those Were the Days                                            $15.00 each
(Articles on people & businesses
printed during the nation? Bicentennial)
By Sabina Freeman & Barbara Seidler

Reprinted, 2010
Photo section – 22 pages.  Indexed.
Presented in 2003

 + Sketches from Erie County                                                              $10.00 each
(Four views)

+ Note cards                                                                                              6/$5.00

+ “Sturgeon House Pencils                                                                           25 cents each

+ Christmas Basket Tickets                                                                         $1.00 each or 6/$5.00

+ Quilt Tickets                                                                                             $1.00 each or 6/$5.00




Twice Around the Township Twice Around the Township                               $25.00

Fairview History Retold
Many articles previously published in
the Cosmopolite Herald about Fairview history.
Photo section – 16 pages.  Indexed. 2nd Edition, 1997

By Sabina Shields Freeman


Thomas Forster                                                                                                $10.00

        & Settling the Erie Frontier
 Forster settled in Erie County in 1800, was deeply
involved in the settlement at Walnut Creek in Fairview
Township while living in the Erie settlement where he
became active in every phase of its development,
including the War of 1812.
Photo section & timeline.  2007
Second Edition, 2010

By Sabina Shields Freeman

       Cloud Busters                                                                                           $20.00
   Neil McCray and the Erie County Airport
      The story of early pilots and airfields along the
      southern Lake Erie region, principally centering
      on the life of Neil McCray, who served in three wars,
      won many trophies for flying and earned his high
      school diploma at 75 years of age.
      130 photos/graphics. Indexed.  2009.
      Second Edition, 2011, with
      an additional section called
      “Griswold Field to Erie International Airport.”
       By Sabina Shields Freeman

Here it is, the Story of the RMS Lusitania and one of its passengers ~ 

PASSAGE TO LIVERPOOL – James Blaine Miller & The RMS Lusitania        $14.95
– The story of a grand but ill-fated ship and a fine, courageous man.  Their stories merge in that last cruise from New York to Liverpool.  Photos, indexed. 2013.
By Sabina Shields Freeman
Fairview memories by WAyne Wilkins.  274 pages of stories from Wayne’s childhood in Fairview, growing up and, yes, even growing a little bit older.
Laminated cover……………………………………………………………….$26.00 each.